Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thrift store specials

Last week I stopped by a local thrift store on my way home from piano lessons. I stopped because it was on my way and they have a coupon basket. I was looking for a few specific coupons. Unfortunately, after hitting the jackpot with the other items I bought, I completely forgot to take the coupons I had picked out. Oh well!
Some highlights (not featured below):
  • child's shuffleboard set for $2 (My husband loves this, and the kids will enjoy playing it with him!)
  • 2 stuffed animals w/tags - $1.25 altogether (for missions)
  • mini suitcase - $2.50 (for my friend who is going to use it to house a dress-up kit)
  • mini tree - $0.50 (I needed a second one for the kids' rooms.)
  • a pair of Doc's winter boots for me - $1.00
  • baskets to hold Christmas gifts - average of $0.40 each
  • tins (round and mini lunchbox) to hold Christmas gifts - $0.10 each
  • gabled boxes to use as a pattern - $0.10 each

So here are some specifics:

This Melissa & Doug wooden dinosaur puzzle was a steal at $1.00! I collect these for my kids as I find them.

Books, books, and more books. Here are the educational ones - readers and such. All books were $0.10 each!!

Here are the older child books for nieces/nephews, etc.

And here are the books for my kids (right now) and one for me (Handmade for Profit).

Then I found a few clothing items for myself:

This dark green velveteen dress was only $3! I'm envisioning it with a blazer, vest or sweater over top. It will be perfect for the Christmas season!

This sweater was half-price today, although I really don't know how much it ended up being. I needed a few more sweaters for winter, so I checked out what they had and found this one.

And finally, a new denim skirt. It fits perfectly! Again, I really don't know how much it cost, but I'm willing to pay anything less than $10 for a denim skirt that fits perfectly. :)
So there you have it - another very successful trip to the thrift store!


Susan said...

Hi! I just found your blog a couple of days ago. I spent a little time last night to read some of your archives, and I enjoyed it so much!

I am also a pastor's wife; my husband and I are missionaries in Vancouver, BC, Canada. From looking through previous posts, it looks as though your family and ours may be of the same biblical views, especially after I read your post about tithing and giving and how the Lord has blessed you through your giving!

I do miss the thrift store shopping. We have thrift stores here, but their prices are not anywhere near as good as those in the US. They seem to think I'd like to pay the same prices I'd pay for brand new stuff! ;) So I enjoy looking at your finds and scrounging around here and there up here to hopefully find some good deals. I did find great deals at Michaels yesterday - a huge $100 fall wreath at 90% off. I'll be blogging that later this week!

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I feel like I've found another kindred spirit in the blogging world. God bless you!