Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Christmas Countdown Calendar

Okay, let's review a little mathematics that I must not have been considering a few days ago ... 2 young children + 1 Christmas Countdown calendar = BIG problems!

My two kids do NOT want to share the same calendar since they both want to open a box each day. [They're 5 and 3. It makes a difference!] I have seen this coming since we pulled the original out of the box last Saturday, but I didn't have time until today to make the second one. I've had the supplies sitting around for a year waiting for the right time - and inspiration. Well, the time has come, and the inspiration came along behind.

Here it is without the boxes on it:

And here it is with all the boxes on it:

I think I like this one better than the original!

As far as supplies, I just used a bunch of miscellaneous Creative Memories stickers I had sitting around collecting dust. They're rather small, so they didn't work for most other projects. But they were perfect for this, and I love the homey feel they create!