Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Gift Link Round-Up

Just in case you need some last-minute ideas, here is a list of links I've compiled with homemade gift ideas. Please pardon the sloppy formatting, but I'm in a hurry as I'm posting this! :)
This little girl is so cute, I’d love to find a use for her!
Here’s something else to do with those clear ornaments!
Want to make a perfectly matching bow that isn’t crushed from sitting in the bag with all the rest? Here you go!
Here’s a cute box for those of you who are as obsessed about cute gift boxes as I am! J
Have you ever wondered how to make your own blank books? Then check out this tutorial.
Here’s a brilliant idea for coasters made from acrylic blocks you can find off and on in Target’s Dollar Spot! (I would guess you could put photos of the grandbabies in there instead of decorative paper – awesome grandparent gift!)
Here’s an easier way to make silhouettes of your wiggly toddlers. I have to try this!
A photo cube made out of 4 CD cases? Go check it out – it’s fabulous!
And here’s an illuminated CD case designed to house a votive candle and holder.
Just in case you need more ideas for those clear glass ornaments …
You can personalize dishes with this method.
If you want to make some designer soap that kids will enjoy, check this out. If you happen to have some glycerin soap lying around (I have an old kit somewhere), this would be cute!
This is a super-cute box that would be perfect for neighbor gifts, or anything handmade on which you could write, "From Our Home to Yours." If you don’t have the house stamp she references, try searching for clip art images that might work. I found several at Microsoft’s site.
Have you tried stamping on tiles yet? These are fabulous examples, probably made more fabulous by the fact that there are Scripture verses on them. Anyway, it looks like all she does is stamp with permanent ink (StazOn, I’d imagine). I don’t know how much the tiles cost, but I do know I picked up cork coasters at Dollar Tree sometime this last year that would be perfect to glue onto the bottom of these!
Here’s a nativity set for the younger folks in your life. If your kids are anything like mine, they probably want a set of their own. And they probably want some kind of craft to do on a regular basis. Here you go – kill two birds with one stone! Bonus: they are super-cute!!
Here are some really cute shadow boxes. My daughter would love to have a few of these hanging in her room!
How about some no-sew cloth napkins? These are really cute! (I think I would still run a zigzag stitch around the edges, though.)
Here are some down-to-earth recipes for bath salts and scrubs. I really like how she tells you what you can omit (and what you can’t), as well as what the ingredients actually do for your skin.
Have you ever seen those desk cubes made from chipboard coasters? They were a pretty cute idea all by themselves, but check out this Cadillac of coaster desk cubes! This lady is a genius!
Have you ever seen Nester’s tassels and wanted to make your own custom tassel? Well, here’s a tutorial to show you how they’re made!!
Here’s a tutorial to make a cute ruffled skirt for a girl size 5-6.
I have a winter-themed metal star that I wanted to cover with paper for a year-round accent. Here’s a tutorial if you want to do the same!
I love her idea for a "Make Your Own Playdough kit" gift! Don’t miss her instructions for recycled shaped crayons, too. We have tons of broken crayons around our house!
This isn’t exactly free, but I’ve long admired these glass blocks when they’re decorated. It’s a LOT cheaper to make them yourself!
These are quite possibly the most elegant votive candleholders I’ve ever seen! They appear to be easy to make, too.
Here’s a great idea for packaging paper goodies so that they look like they came from the store! My local Big Lots has 6x6" scrapbook refills for next to nothing, so I just might buy a pack to use for this!
Here’s a tutorial for a crayon roll with a bonus: a pocket for a mini composition book!
I’ve seen frames like this on sale for big bucks. I don’t know why I never thought of using my Paint Shop Pro to do it!
Do you need any last-minute gift ideas for children? Here are some great ones!
Photo Snowmen Treat Boxes – You have to see these!!
These wooden doll people are so cute! My kids would love to craft some of these! Maybe a homemade kit would make a nice gift.
Here’s a tutorial for making mini books for your kids (or yourself). I was always making books and writing in them when I was a kid, so a stack of these would have made me deliriously happy!
If your kids are as crazy about gum as my kids are, this is a great idea! Too bad I didn’t see it before I made my own Advent calendars. :)

Enjoy! And be sure to let me know if you try any of these!


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Thanks so much for linking to my post! I'm so glad you liked the ideas :)


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Thank you for the link and sweet note about my votive idea!