Thursday, December 11, 2008

Church Christmas banquet decorations

This is nothing earth-shattering, but I thought I'd post these pictures in case it would give someone else an idea they could run with.

I was in charge of decorating for our church Christmas banquet again this year. (This is traditionally the pastor's wife's job here.) I wanted to do something a little different than last year when I had a gingerbread theme. So I chose a candy cane theme this year.

Again, it's nothing fancy, but choosing a theme helps tremendously. Here, it helped me decide what favors to make. You can't see them very well in the pictures, but at each place setting there was a candy cane with a bookmark that included a poem about the legend of the candy cane.
The candy cane theme inspired the centerpieces, too. Instead of going with candles (that we never light anyway), we bought these tall glass vases ($2) at Wal-Mart and filled them with layers of red and green starlight mints. It took about 1-1/2 bags of candy ($1/bag) per vase. I got the most compliments on them, believe it or not.

And here is the rest of the table setting. It's nothing fancy, just some dollar store greenery, pinecones from our yard, and mini candy canes (still in plastic) mixed along the middle of the tables.


Heather said...

very nice decorations!

angie said...

Very nice table scape. What tablecloths do you use on your church banquet tables? My church uses the disposable plastic coverings, which I don't like. They are either very tedious to wipe down and dry or they get rips in them and must be thrown away. I have been suggesting the vinyl, flannel back tablecloths. I am waiting to find a really good sale on them. Unfortunately I don't seem to find as good as deals as you. :)

Sophia said...


We rent a hall for our church gatherings (we have no meeting place YET), and those tablecloths were on the tables. In fact, they are always on the tables, no matter what time of year we go.

I think they're a really heavyweight vinyl. It puts me in mind of old vinyl seat upholstery. :)

If you don't need tons and tons of tablecloths, there are usually a selection of Christmas tablecloths at various stores that go on reduction right after Christmas. Some of them aren't noticeably "Christmasy". I've bought several year-round-use tablecloths that way.