Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our Thanksgiving table

I know it's awfully late to be posting this, but I just had time last night to edit some pictures for the blog, and I thought you might enjoy seeing our Thanksgiving table.

Keep in mind this was just for my family of four, which includes two "littles." I couldn't get too fancy! :)

First of all, here's my version of a centerpiece ... at the end of the table. I needed the center of the table for all the food, since we almost always serve food family-style around here. I didn't need the end of the table, so that's where I grouped my pretties. The bonus: it was safe from little fingers.

Here is a picture of a place setting. I used my regular dishes - Pfaltzgraff Tea Rose - even thought they weren't orange. I picked this pattern when I was 16 and still have not tired of it. (I'm 31 now!)

Here's that turkey you saw in the place setting. I couldn't find candy corn anywhere, so I improvised with some appropriately-colored Pez candies. The kids really liked these!

And here's a view of the entire table:

I'm glad I decided to have our own Thanksgiving celebration, even though we spent the first half of the day with friends. I'm going to make this a tradition - because I want our kids to have some traditions! :)


Anonymous said...

The turkey place setting is so cute...& yummy looking. I really like that idea. Is it wrong to eat the place setting first? lol