Monday, January 19, 2009

An adorable house box!

I'm sure I've mentioned before what a genius this lady is, but let me take another opportunity to show you what I made from an adorable template of hers:

She made hers into a gift box, but I'm not sure yet what mine will be. I might use it as a decoration in my craft room until I find another use for it. It's just so cute!!

The instructions are free on her blog at this post. I changed mine just a little, but the basic instructions are the same. I didn't add the picket fence, tree, flowers, etc. I didn't have most of those embellishments, so I just made the house.

Instead of all that, I added windows to the front of the house and made "curtains" for my windows. (Oh, and my windows aren't cut-outs, either, since my punch won't reach that far.) For the curtains, I trimmed a 1-1/2" circle. Three circles did both of the side windows. For the front and back windows, I took the leftover pieces from the lace punch (the "gingerbread" at the top of the house) and used them as valances.

For the roof, I only have the D'vine Swirls embossing folder, so I used it. I wasn't going for the "most realistic house" effect, so I thought this fit in quite nicely with my cutesy version.

Just a little tip: Get some Terrifically Tacky Tape. (I think it's the same as "red line tape.") The strong bond is essential to the sturdy construction of the house.