Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun recycling with the Cuttlebug

We got my daughter a set of play kitchen items for Christmas, and this cardboard backdrop was part of the packaging. Since it was just the box it came in and destined for the trash pile, I decided to rescue it. The colors and design just screamed "little girl" to me, so I figured I'd use my new Cuttlebug and make some chipboard (aka cardboard) embellishments for cards.

Here are all the embellishments I got out of the one piece of cardboard (including those large buttons in the first picture):

I got a total of
  • 35 corners
  • 8 fancy-edged squares
  • 37 flower shapes with the middle cut out (I have an idea for these!)
  • 81 large buttons
  • 37 small buttons
I used my Flowers and Vintage dies to make these. And to make the buttons, I used my Crop-a-Dile to make the small holes in the middle. 198 chipboard shapes from something that would ordinarily be trash? Not a bad return!

I wouldn't use these on any project that's supposed to be archival since cardboard will eat paper alive. But they work great for cards!


Susan said...

Great idea! I got up and started looking for stuff cut up! LOL

In my fatigue and excitement last night, I neglected to share my sympathy for your friend's loss. I pray the Lord will comfort you as well as her family!

lerinleigh said...

Wow good idea. I love finding new (old) things to reuse!