Thursday, January 15, 2009

Michaels 7/$1 clearance paper - worth the trip!

I read in an online forum that somebody didn't think the 7/$1 clearance paper at Michaels was anything worth checking out. Now I'm wondering if they just checked the clearance aisle instead of the regular paper aisle. I found so many nice papers I had to make myself put some back, and I'm pretty picky about my paper! At $0.14 a sheet, you can hardly go wrong, since most of the ones I got were originally over $1 per sheet.

First of all, I got two different 12x12" sheets of these vellum quotes:

They had others, but they weren't on clearance (someone must have put them in the wrong spot).

This is where I hit the jackpot! Check out this beautiful glittered paper and vellum (Frances by K & Co):

I got the remaining 10 sheets of vellum and the last sheet of the regular paper. That didn't require any thinking at all! ;)

And here's a glimpse of the rest of my clearance paper, as well as my new punch:

They had some of my favorite papers on clearance. While I'm sad to see them go, I'm pleased to get them so reasonably!

I had a 50%-off coupon from JoAnn's that they took, so I used it on the Martha Stewart lace punch. This is a different one than I had before. I debated whether to replace the one I broke with an identical one, but I decided I wanted to play around with a new design first. I can always get the other with another coupon.


Susan said...

You and I have the same tastes in paper! I absolutely LOVE the two florals you have toward the back, and I also love those big sheets of vellum quotes. Everything is more expensive in Canada, though; all that paper is on clearance here at 5/$1.00! ;)