Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New bedroom valances

Here are the new bedroom valances I made on Monday. As I mentioned in a previous post, we don't use a top sheet since my husband can't stand to have his feet confined under it and I can't stand having to pull everything off the bed every day to re-make it. So I almost always use the top sheet from a new sheet set to make some form of curtains.

We already had the dark burgundy panels made from a previous sheet set, so I just added poufy valances and tiebacks in the new sheet fabric. These were so easy to make it was unbelievable. Basically you just measure, sew a tube of fabric, then sew your casings. You can easily be done with one valance in less than a half hour if you're familiar with sewing!

You might be interested to notice the parts of our new comforter peeking into the pictures. We had a hard time finding anything we liked, but we finally found this whole bed set at Ollie's for $40. We needed new sheets since our last ones were threadbare. And considering a new sheet set can cost more than $40 sometimes, we decided this was a great deal and just replaced the whole set.

While I liked the old set, I'll have to admit it was losing its luster. The "stuffing" in the comforter was pulling in from the edges, giving it a tired look. And it was never as thick and warm as this one!
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simple~needs said...

everything looks great!!
i wish i could find a rustic/prim set like that.

Cassie said...

my sister doesn't use a top sheet easier b/c it's easier to make the bed. i've tried to convince hubby to try it.