Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How to present a set of picture CDs

Remember that I said I took wedding pictures earlier in the month? Well, I had them edited and burned to CDs last week, but I couldn't just send them in slim jewel cases. Nope, it had to be something pretty.

So I made these: It's just a card portfolio with homemade CD sleeves inside, but it really "ups" the presentation! I gave them three sets of CDs - one for them and one for each set of parents. I hope they like them!

(I had to mention that the "Just Married" paper came in a Target $1 Spot pack that I got on clearance awhile back. Although I'd use nearly every other paper in the pack, I never thought I'd use this one. I was tempted to give it away, but now I'm glad I hung onto it. It was lightweight, but it was perfect for this project!)


Melinda said...

Those are so pretty and such a neat idea!

REJunod said...

Such a cool idea!!! We did some family pictures for friends of ours, and so if I can ge my act together, maybe I'll borrow your idea. You are soooo creative!! I enjoy looking at all the stuff you come up with. It always looks so nice!!!!