Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another great shopping trip!

I went to a local "bent and dent" store to see what they had today, and look what I found in the back: t-shirts for my sister's crew! (Shhh! They're a secret, which should still be safe since they don't read my blog.)

This is for her older son. Isn't it cute?? He's getting a hunting-themed gift for his birthday this Saturday, and this will be perfect.

This is for her younger son who is just a little younger than mine.

And this last one is for her husband. It's so perfect for him! :)

They were only $3 each, so I was thrilled to pieces!

Check out what else I got today:

Lou's Discount Grocery
  • 6 half gallons Archer Farms Organic skim milk - $0.50 each
  • 6 half gallons Lactaid whole milk - $0.50 each
  • 7 Malt O Meal maple and brown sugar hot cereal - $1.00 each
  • 3 CoCo Wheats hot cereals - $1.25 each
  • 2 Little Debbie brownie packs - $0.60 each
  • 6 Lunchables pizza packs - $0.50 each (for quick lunches!)
  • 30 Oscar Meyer premium beef hot dogs - $4.50
  • Ro-Tel nacho cheese dip - $1.25

TOTAL: $26.70


  • 4 Scrubbing Bubbles flushable bathroom wipes - FREE after coupons and rebate
  • 2 Glade Sense and Sprays - $1.01 profit after coupons and rebate

TOTAL: $1.01 profit

Rite Aid

  • 3 Bayer low-dose aspirin - $4.03 profit after rebate
  • Garnier Fructis hairspray - $1.00 profit after rebate

I also had a $5 gift certificate from Rite Aid's December Gift of Savings promotion, so that took an additional $5 off my total.

TOTAL: $10.03 profit

I was so thrilled with the finds at Lou's (the "bent and dent" store) since milk is never that cheap around here - let alone the Lactaid milk that I can drink! (I'm going to freeze them and thaw them as needed. It has worked great for us in the past.) The hot cereals are our families' favorites and an absolute steal compared to the $3-4 a box the regular store charges, if you can even find them there. That's close to a year's supply of hot cereal, which we eat every morning!

I was thrilled with the drug store items because I always enjoy making money from them. ;) But I was especially thrilled because my dad uses the low-dose aspirin and I just ran out of my last bottle of Garnier Fructis hairspray - that lasted me about 6 months! (I think it's my favorite to date, but I'm still not going to pay full price for it.)

I hope you were able to find some bargains this week, too!