Friday, February 27, 2009

Great Walgreens gift finds!

My husband was at Walgreens this afternoon picking up the kids' flouride prescriptions when he ran across a fabulous toy clearance. Since we had to reduce the amount we spend on the nieces and nephews this year, we have been looking for awesome deals like this.

Now don't laugh, but my gift budget for each niece and nephew is around $3 each. Considering the fact that we buy gifts for 16 of them, we dare not spend too much. I allotted $5 each last year, and usually gave it as cash. But this year we needed to trim a few categories, and this happened to be one of them. I really, really didn't want to have to give them $3 cash because that really doesn't look like much. But get a steal of a deal, and it looks like a whole lot more. They don't have to know how little we spent. :)

Before I tell you the price points, let me tell you that I have wonderful nieces and nephews. They don't care a bit where their toy came from or how much it cost, so long as it works and it's something they're interested in. I do my best to find toys that will thrill them, and I think my husband found a few "wowers" here. :)

  • First Act Discovery guitar - $7.49 (reg. $29.96)
  • another acoustic guitar (can't remember the brand) - $7.49 (reg. $29.96)
  • 5 X Games Pro Scooters - $4.99 each (reg. $19.96 each)
  • 3 off-brand "My Little Pony" sets - $1.74 each (reg. $6.99 each)
  • Disney Princess castle bank - $2.49 (reg. $9.99 each)
  • a mini-foosball table game - $1.74 (reg. $6.99)

A lot of these are over the $3 allotment, but I've gotten some other fabulous deals that make up for the extra. Not only that, but two of those scooters are being set aside for my kids as well as one of the guitars. We're thinking about offering the other guitar to another family member whose children are interested in learning guitar, too. So after figuring all of that in, I'm only $0.05 over on the gift items (a total of 8 gifts - 3 scooters, 3 My Little Pony sets, the castle bank and the mini-foosball game).

We had purchased a child-sized guitar for my son two years ago when he began to be fascinated with them, but it won't keep a tune even long enough to tune all the strings. So when he told me he wanted me to teach him how to play the guitar, I knew we'd need something different. This was perfect timing. It's not the highest quality guitar you'll ever buy, but it will be just fine for a beginning 5-year-old. If he decides to keep at it, we can always buy him a good-quality name brand when he gets to a full-size guitar.

We had a little girl over to play with my kids last night, and she brought a toy horse along. My son was fascinated with it and wanted to go right out to Wal-Mart and buy it last night at 10:30. No way!! I told him we'd price them the next time we go to Wal-Mart (he even asked her what aisle to find it in), but I wasn't promising we'd buy it. So we were thrilled to find these two huge horses on clearance at Walgreens for $4.99 each (reg. $9.99 each):

Now both of my kids have horses that match the teepees I made them for Christmas. My son was thrilled (and so was my daughter), even though they paid for them with their own money.

Isn't it amazing how God can stretch what little we have to work with?