Thursday, February 26, 2009

More medallion circles - and a tip!

I told you I'd show you the medallions with my new corner punch, so here they are.

This punch is a bit different than the one I borrowed from my friend. I could only get it to go so far "into" the circle. As a result, I found I had to adapt the number of times I punched around the circle. I punched a sample first, punching eight times like Becca recommends. It looked like this:

That's fine, if it's the look you're going for. But I wanted mine to be closer together and more lacy. So here's the tip: I did another sample, punching as many times around as I could. It didn't come out exact and I certainly wouldn't use it on a card, but it served its purpose. I counted the number of times I needed to punch (not including the last partial cut), and it happened to be twelve.

So then I knew to divide my circle into twelve "pieces of pie," instead of just eight. And since twelve is a little interesting to get divided just right, once I got it, I made a template so I can easily mark it on future circles. (The template is in the first picture, in the middle. I cut out the center so I could easily mark dots and then connect them with my ruler.)

Here is a card I made with one of these medallions:

I really, really like how the watch face (by Inkadinkadoo) fits perfectly inside the medallion! And I really like the effect of framing patterned paper with the medallion and tucking it into matching punches. This is such a simple, easy card, but it's also one of my favorites.

The first picture has a different medallion. I made a set of monogram notecards for my Secret Sister with those. I'll post them soon!