Thursday, February 26, 2009

My grocery trip

I had to run out for some kitchen basics yesterday, so I went to Save A Lot first. So far, most of their regular prices are lower than anyone else in town (barring good sales and coupons, of course). I did notice on this trip that a few of their prices are now a bit higher than Wal-Mart, but fortunately I noticed that before I bought the items. I won't bore you with all the details of this trip, but I got all of this for $64.39:
I was pretty pleased with that, considering I'm well-stocked on meat for the month and will only need to buy a few perishables (and really great sale items) as needed.

The really good deal here was the hair dryer (Remington Shine Therapy) in the back. While I was at Rite Aid, I noticed tons of clearance stickers. It seemed they were clearancing half the store! Anyway, this hair dryer was originally $40 but on clearance for $20. Fortunately I had just gone through my stack of coupons that morning and remembered that I have a $10 rebate form for this hair dryer. Since my husband uses a hair dryer daily (and I use it weekly), ours gets a lot of use. And if it quit on us unexpectedly, we'd have to pay full price that very day for another one. So, while it's not free, $10 for a good hair dryer is better than what we'd have to pay at Wal-Mart, so I got it to have on hand.

I also stopped in at Goodwill, since I was by myself and in that section of town anyway. I suspected Target might have donated the rest of the $1 Spot clearance that they hadn't sold the other day, and I was right. The $1 items were only $0.25 each, and I got a bunch of things:
  • a baby clear stamp set
  • a green stamp pad
  • a set of Hello Kitty gel pens (for my little girl's Easter basket - she loves Hello Kitty for some strange reason)
  • a set of mini glitter glue pens
  • 4 (total) packs of gel pens in 2 different colors (to go with the $0.50 Christmas albums I picked up at Target last week - these will go to my Sunday school girls next Christmas)
  • a wagon for my son's tractors
  • 4 Hello Kitty albums (for the girls at Cousin Camp, to hold their pictures of the week)
  • 2 pens with a Curious George stuffed animal attached (my kids both LOVE Curious George)

I also picked up their Dove chocolate roses. They were marked at $1 each, but all Target candy was BOGO yesterday, so it came out to $0.50 each. I had been wanting to get one for each of the ladies at our ladies' meeting tonight, but I didn't want to spend $6. I could handle $3, though, so I picked them up.

At the back, you can see a stepping stone kit. It has four mixes, some "embellishments" and a mold for $3. I've tried using regular cement for stepping stones, but it's not as eye-pleasing because it's pretty stony. I was thrilled to get four mixes for this price! We did these the first year we did Cousin Camp, and we may end up doing them again sometime.

Then I stopped in at Dollar Tree for the heart sandwich cutter, since I needed it for tonight's ladies' meeting (Valentine's Day theme). I noticed they put their Valentine's Day candy on clearance for $0.25/bag. That averages out to $0.75/lb, and I get a craving for cheap chocolate now and then. Not only that, but they make wonderful chocolate pretzel candies. :) I went ahead and got $2 worth.

So there you have it - this week's shopping trip. I was pretty pleased!