Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sorry I've been AWOL!

I didn't get a chance to post before we left on a whirlwind trip to visit my husband's family for his (and his twin sister's) birthday.

It was certainly an eventful trip!

My husband went with his sister and her boy to pick up his car at his dad's house, but her girls decided they wanted to stay home. So our niece called me around 10:00 Monday night and said someone was banging on the front door and then started throwing snowballs at the upstairs windows where she was hiding with her younger sister. She was scared! Fortunately, it turned out to be her uncle who was delivering a late-night birthday gift to her mom. He had us going for at least 15 minutes! (I don't think he knows that we almost had the police down there!)

Then the next day our 4-year-old nephew (to another of my husband's sisters) ended up in the hospital with a blood sugar level of 650. They didn't know he was diabetic, since the symptoms come on so fast when they're young. So we spent the afternoon in the hospital with his sister and her son, waiting on Life Flight to transfer him three hours away to a children's hospital.

Somehow, we managed to squeeze in a birthday party between all the "excitement".

I am more thankful than ever for my children's good health!

I'll try to get back to my regular posting tomorrow. While we were there, I found the three remaining Cuttlebug embossing folders that I wanted, so I'll be playing with them at the earliest opportunity! :)


Susan said...

I missed you this week! I'm so sorry about your nephew's diabetes. It runs in my family, so I watched my kids so closely when they were little. Treatment gets better and better, although it's not an easy disease, by any means.

Looking forward to seeing more of your crafts!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear of your nephew having diabetes. Glad you all had a safe trip.
I'm really thinking of buying a Cuttlebug. Would you buy it at Michael's with the 40% off one item coupon? I looked at my Wal-Mart and didn't see it, but instead they had a really pricey die cut machine.

Sophia said...


I think I'd wait for a 50% off coupon, but I'd call first and make sure your store will let you use it on a Cuttlebug. The coupons exclude "Cricut products", and my store insists that all Cuttlebug products fall under that category since they're made by the same company. It doesn't make any sense since you can't use any Cuttlebug stuff in the Cricut, but that just goes to show you that none of the workers in my store have a clue about the diecut machines! :)

If that doesn't work, you could wait to see if another 50% off sale comes up. I don't remember seeing a sale like that before I got my machine, but I can't say that I was paying much attention.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the help. I can't wait to get one. I actually think in the long run, it will pay for itself. We use a lot of cards.