Monday, February 23, 2009

This week's drug store deals

Since I was running out to get my alphabet set, I decided to stop in at the drug stores since most of the deals are gone by midweek anyway. This is what I got:
  • Walgreens contact lens solution - FREE after rebate
  • Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves shampoo - $1.00 profit after coupon and rebate
  • Thermacare heat wrap - FREE after rebate
  • Zucol cold care lozenges - FREE after rebate
  • 2 Theraflu warming liquids - FREE after rebate and coupons
  • 2 packs Stayfree pads - $1.00 each after sale and coupons

After figuring in my profit on the Garnier and the extra 10% I get back for putting my rebates on a gift card, I actually made a little over a dollar on all of this (meaning the pads were covered by the overage). That's the way I like to shop! :)

Rite Aid

  • 2 Valentine Fun Dip packs (24/pack) - $0.99 each on clearance

TOTAL: $2.10

Rite Aid has some good deals this week, but I couldn't find any of them at my closest store. If I get to the other end of town later this week, I'll check there. Otherwise, I was pleased to get 48 candy snacks for my kids with built-in portion control for $0.04 each.