Saturday, March 14, 2009

Cousin Camp 2009: Prize and game source

I probably don't even need to tell you this, but I will because I was so excited to find it. :) I mentioned that we're doing carnival-style games this year for Cousin Camp Celebration, and that the kids will earn tickets to "shop" at the "prize store."

Well, first of all, here's the site where I got so many good ideas for games. Of course, I'm not doing anything on a scale large enough to warrant buying supplies online, so I figured I'd check out what Dollar Tree has to offer.

I was thrilled to find bunches of great prizes and supplies in the party favor section.

I found sticky darts in a 6-pack for $1. Since they should last about 20 "throws" each, one pack should do me for at least two games. (I have 8 kids participating.) If you happen to go looking for these, don't expect them to be labeled as sticky darts. They were just labeled "party favors." I took a chance on them. :) They look like plain old plastic darts, but instead of the metal point on the end, they have a round, squishy, almost-clear part. I tried one out, and they stick very well!

I found small plastic snakes to use in the Flashlight Snake Hunt game for the night after we visit the zoo. There were 8 in a pack, so it was perfect!! These can also go into the prize store the next day, so they'll do double-duty. (There are packs of bugs and other backyard critters, but I didn't need them.)

Some other great Dollar Tree finds: crazy straws (6/pack), bouncy balls (6/pack), small dinosaurs (6/pack), fabric-covered headbands (6/pack), and various types of "army men" (48/pack). These will all be in the prize store for anywhere from 1-5 tickets each.

Unless I miss my guess, the prize store should be a pretty popular idea. I know I always enjoyed that kind of thing when I was young!


georgann said...

I was sure glad to read all about your Cousin Camp! I am planning my very first this year, and came online just looking for ideas. thanks for sharing all yours!

Sophia said...

No problem! If you have any questions, feel free to ask! We're having ours in about two weeks, and all the kids are excited. :)