Monday, March 2, 2009

It's snowing - and blowing!!

This is no big deal in most northern states, but we hardly ever get snow here. This picture was taken out my back/side door a few minutes ago:

There was more snow on the ground until the wind picked up. We're supposed to have winds up to 40 mph, and let me tell you there's not a lot of visibility out there when the wind picks up!

My kids are ecstatic about the snow and can't wait to go play in it this afternoon. I just hope the wind cooperates and doesn't blow icy stuff in their faces the whole time.


Susan said...

Most of my family is in the Carolinas, and they are enjoying the snow. I'm glad for them, and glad for me . . . no snow here! :D

Sophia said...

I know my family is sick of snow, too! They live just one state north of me, but there's a drastic difference in weather here. Maybe it's because we're close to the coast.