Friday, March 6, 2009

Making money at Rite Aid - and other good deals

I waited to shop the Rite Aid deals on purpose, hoping they would come out with a $5/$25 coupon like they have the last few weeks. Sure enough, they did! The small pile in the righthand corner of this picture is what I got at Rite Aid today:

Would you believe the original retail of those four items was $56.96? Yikes! I had two manufacturer's coupons in addition to the $5/$25 store coupon, so these Free After Rebate items ended up being good moneymakers. Here's the breakdown (as well as a list of my other good deals today):

Rite Aid
  • Snore Stop Extinguisher - FREE after rebate
  • Snore Stop tabs - FREE after rebate
  • Novitra cold sore cream - $3.00 profit after rebate and coupon
  • Soothe eye drops - $3.00 profit after rebate and coupon

TOTAL: $11.00 profit after above coupons and the $5 store coupon

Big Lots (valentine merchandise was 90% off)

  • 2009 Horse calendar (bought to use the small images on cards) - $0.63
  • Bible Verses page-a-day calendar (bought to use images on cards) - $1.87
  • 2 Hanes Signature Collection 6-pack briefs - $5.00 each (for my parents)
  • 12-pack BIC Mark-Its in spring colors - $4.00
  • 6 round Valentine boxes - $0.20 each for large, $0.15 each for smaller
  • 2 small boxes Valentine candy - $0.10 each

TOTAL: $7.75 mine ($10.00 for my parents)

Oh, and that funny-looking square rubber thing is a plumber's gasket I got at Lowe's for about $1.50. I got it to use in my Cuttlebug. Once I experiment a little, I'll share some ideas with you. But I'll warn you: most people have no idea what plumber's gasket is, if the store even carries it. (My Home Depot didn't have any.) If you go in looking for it, pray that you get the one associate in the store that knows what it is. :)