Tuesday, March 3, 2009

More scrapbook pages to share!

Here are a few more of the gazillion pages I did during our week's vacation in November. I was working on catching up in both of the kids' albums, and I almost finished. That was pretty good, considering the fact that I was nearly a year behind in both of their albums.

This is from my son's album, highlighting his close relationship with his sister. I loved these pictures that I took at our local park! They were his 5-year pictures.

I wish you could see these pictures of my daughter. I had some maribou angel wings I had gotten years ago, so I dressed her in white and added the wings. She was the cutest angel ever!

Here are my two kids with my mom. She loves them to pieces, and the feeling is mutual!

If you could see these pictures up close, they tell a tale about my daughter. She is a free spirit, always preferring to have her hair hanging around her face. For some, that might not be a big deal. But my daughter has hair almost to her waist already (these pictures are a bit old), and we don't cut girls' hair around here. So you can see her in all of her stringy-haired glory here.

I wasn't as thrilled with this 4th of July page, but it's done and it doesn't look terrible, so I'm leaving it.

I've gotten the scrapbook itch again, and I might take some time to do a few more pages in the next few days. The biggest problem is that my pictures are a jumbled mess. See, I recently did a thorough cleaning of my craft room. During that time, I put a few items out in the hallway so I could move some things around. One of those "items" was my stack of pictures, all sorted and ready to scrap. Well, my kids found the stack while I was working and started looking through them, tossing them into a big pile when they were done with each picture.

So I have a huge, discouraging pile of pictures right now. I need to sort through them and remember which page - and which album - I developed them for. I'm dreading it. Can you tell? :)


Jen said...

Love those layouts! Great job.