Sunday, March 22, 2009

This week's shopping recap

I thought I'd show you a few of the good deals I was able to pick up this last week.

First of all, I got this at Walgreens and a thrift store on Monday (on the way back from the dentist): Walgreens
  • 3 Listerine (500 ml each) - $1.00 each after sale and Register Rewards
  • 2 boxes pantyhose - $5.99 for all after BOGO sale (much cheaper than Wal-Mart!)

TOTAL: $8.99 for 3 bottles mouthwash and 6 pair pantyhose

Salvation Army

  • pretty wire basket - $0.30
  • wallpaper border (for cards) - $0.30

TOTAL: $0.60

Then today (Saturday) we stopped by Ollie's, Toys R Us and Michaels and got this:

  • 12 cans Healthy Choice Chicken Tortilla soup - $0.25 each on clearance
  • DAP OneStik2 glue (just like Tombow MonoMulti) - $0.99
  • 2 boxes DAP StikARounds glue dots (1/2", 200/pack - just like Glue Dots) - $0.99 each

TOTAL: $6.15 ($3 of that is for my parents for the soup)

Toys R Us

  • 2 Thomas trains - reg. $12.99 and $17.99 each - FREE with coupon



  • artist's gouache - $3.97 after coupon (my husband got this and I'm going to use it to make my own embossing inkpads - look for a future post on this!)
  • (not pictured) Stampendous Changito Dos clear stamp set - $5.00 after coupon (I got this, and I think these monkeys are going to prove addictive - they're sooo cute!)

TOTAL: $9.51

And then look what came for free in the mail this week:

I got it from a program I participate in called SheSpeaks. Basically, they sent me two free toothbrushes and two coupons. I agreed to try them on my kids and write a review. It's that easy. My kids were ecstatic with their new toothbrushes, and I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. They are just the right size for their mouths (and teeth) and are much more effective at getting their teeth clean than their previous electric toothbrushes!

So that's all for me this week.


Paula and Skip said...

Wow, I am impressed with your savings. I am new to the country and still try to find my footing here, particularly shopping is quite a science. Thank you for the share, it helps me to learn what I have to watch out for. Paula