Friday, April 17, 2009

Free digital images (aka digital stamps)

Digital "stamps" are becoming quite the trend in the stamping world, so I thought I'd share a link to some fabulous freebies. All of the images I'm sharing below can be found here. They are simply coloring book pages resized to a smaller image that will fit onto a card.

These are Sarah Kay images: Here are some Curious George:

Some Calilou (which I know nothing about - I just thought they were cute little boys):

And a few miscellaneous images (I recognize Franklin, but I can't remember who the other ones are):

I searched through the site I linked above and looked for kid-friendly, non-busy images that would translate well into a birthday card. Then I printed them onto 3x5" cards and colored them with my BIC Mark-It markers.
If you notice that a few images have stray pen marks, I plan to cut those off. I was just testing my colors! :)


Stamping Mutt said...

Thanks so much for posting the link...I have been playing with digi images lately and WOW the link you provided definitely opens up lots of possibilities.

Alma =)

Krzysztof Maszkiewicz said...

Hallo there,
first I visited your blog accidentally but I am so happy to be here.
You write so many good posts here!
My son also loves coloring so it is always good to have new source of coloring pages.
If you like then check also our two favourite websites:
Free coloring pages
Have fun:)