Monday, April 27, 2009

Free resource for "shrink plastic"

Do you remember playing with Shrinky Dinks when you were little? I was always fascinated by them. Now that I'm older and into crafting, I've seen a few things I thought were cute, but I didn't want to pay the outrageous prices they want for those few sheets of shrink plastic. Not only that, but I know my kids would love to make a project with these!

So I was ecstatic to find out there's a FREE source for this - #6 recyclable plastic. See this post for the details. Apparently pulling the two strawberry boxes out of my garbage can last week was a really good idea! :)

I'm thinking you could do all kinds of things with these - cut them out as shapes with templates or a die cutting machine, use stamps (StazOn ink would probably work best coupled with permanent markers like BIC Mark-Its or Sharpies), you name it! They would probably make some neat little keychains to give to the grandparents, if you used a shape that was big enough. Or they could be really cute card "charms", just not made out of metal.

If you try it out and make anything, please share! I'm not sure when I'll get around to it, but it might make a neat craft for my son's homeschooling this week. We'll see!