Monday, April 20, 2009

A great deal at Tuesday Morning store!

Last week we had revival, so all of my posts were pre-scheduled. (Did you notice?) I was so busy making meals and such that I only got on the computer once, and I didn't even get online that time.

So, I didn't get to tell you about this wonderful deal I got at Tuesday Morning (a national chain of closeout stores). I got this Fiskars portable 12" rotary trimmer with an additional scoring blade, perforating blade, and 2-pack of straight refills. The original retail on all of it would be $60. Would you believe they had it all together and marked at $7.99?!

I already have a straight trimmer that I love - my Making Memories trimmer. It was worth every penny because the blade is self-sharpening, so I never have to buy another blade for it. A big bonus is that it was a gift from my husband! :) I'm able to score with it, too, but it's not one of those "line it up and score it in five seconds" kind of trimmers. And I don't always get straight scoring lines, which I'm sure is more my fault than anything.

Why did I say that? Well, when I saw this trimmer in the store, I thought, "Wow, $7.99?! I wonder if this is one that I could get a scoring blade for?" So I flipped it over to look at the description on the back and found my answer without reading any descriptions. It had all of the blades I mentioned above taped to the outside of the packaging! They were not originally packaged with the trimmer in the store. In fact, I basically paid for one blade and got the trimmer and other blades for FREE.

I'm willing to pay $7.99 to get even scoring lines that are fast and easy. I'm even happier when I can get a perforating blade, too! I'm hoping to figure out how to make some bookmark cards (the kind with a detachable bookmark). I might try out a few tear-out style coupon books for gifts, too!

They had several of the other larger trimmers like this - the kind that isn't portable. They were $19.99. I got the last one of this style at my store, so I don't know how many of them were shipped to any stores. Good luck if you go looking!!


Susan said...

Great deal! My husband uses the perforating blade on his trimmer (a big, non-portable one) to make visitor's cards and other such things for church. It's pretty neat!

Sophia said...

Ooh! Visitor's cards are a great idea! I'll have to mention that to my husband. :)