Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More great shopping deals: Ollies and Tuesday Morning

My friend and I went out shopping yesterday, and we found some awesome deals!

At Ollies, I got all of this:

  • 3 packs Pull-Ups (44 in each) - $5.99 each
  • DAP repositionable adhesive for my cards - $0.99
  • 75 sheets glossy 4x6" photo paper to use on cards - $1.99
  • a calendar for a friend who likes to sketch children - $0.50
  • book/CD combination to use with cards - $3.99
  • AND I accidentally included in this picture an adorable baby stamp set from Tuesday Morning - $3.99

Obviously nobody at Ollies was thinking when they priced the Pull-Ups. The packages of Long's brand (a drugstore brand) training pants were the same price, even though there were only 24 in each pack. I was pleased, though, since this is cheaper than I pay for Wal-Mart's brand of diapers.

Now for the awesome deals at Tuesday Morning! As soon as we walked in the door, I saw they had a Chadwicks buyout. I know they are nice clothes, but usually I would have walked right by. However, I noticed they had a few blazers, which I do wear. So I stopped and checked them out. Here again, they had no idea what they had when these things were priced! (And no, I didn't end up with any dressy blazers.)

This coral-colored cotton jacket just screamed my sister-in-law's name when I saw it, so she's getting a Mother's Day gift from us this year. At $9.99, it was a steal ... enough so that I got one for myself, too. I just love this color, and it looks great on, too! Original retail: $39.99. Clearance price: $9.99. I didn't even have to pay shipping!!

Look at this: a light blue suede leather coat in my size (a very hard-to-find 4 Petite). It was the last one there, and I couldn't believe the price: $9.99! I've borrowed my husband's suede leather jacket for years, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to own a feminine one that fits me perfectly.

I might not have believed it was real leather if it weren't for the hang tag:

And I just found it on the Chadwicks site. Original retail: $79.99. Clearance price: $29.99. Yep, that was a steal! :)