Saturday, April 25, 2009

My son's phonetic spelling :)

My kids have been a little moody the last few days since they haven't been getting enough rest. We had a ladies' meeting tonight and my kids were supposed to stay and play with another little girl who was coming with her mother. They begged and cried to go with their daddy instead (go figure!), so my son went into his room and made up these signs for their doors just so she'd know that their rooms were "off limits" if she came:

This was the first one that he made for his door.

And the second one he made for his sister's door. They were supposed to read, "Closed."

I cracked up when I saw his spelling. I hope she doesn't mind my saying so, but my sister spelled like this for the longest time, too. It was a real flashback! :) (She has since pretty much mastered spelling, by the way.)

I thought it was hilarious that he actually thought it through this much but didn't take into account the fact that this little girl doesn't know how to read yet anyway.