Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thrift store shopping!

We had another good day at one thrift store yesterday (Monday). We got everything in the three pictures below for $9.40. (This is one of those stores that you don't get a receipt and nothing is priced, so I'm not sure what she charged us for any of it, but that's a great price!)

  • PS2 Starter Kit (originally from Circuit City) - The original receipt in the box indicated that it was originally $50.
  • 4 beautiful tall tins (from shortbread cookies)
  • Fairy Tale 12-cassette collection (My kids love these, and I'm already sick of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"!)
  • miscellaneous trinket toys my kids "couldn't leave without" :) (Those Pooh & friends figurines are from Dollar Tree at $1 each, so I guess it was a decent buy.)

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  • lots of homeschool books and readers (mostly grades 1 and 2, which I'll need soonest) - $0.20 each
  • Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace - $0.20

... and lastly, two beautiful yellow framed prints for our second downstairs bathroom, which is decorated in blue and yellow. These made such a difference in the bathroom, and I think she only charged us $1 for the two of them together.

So it was a good day!