Saturday, May 23, 2009

Back from vacation - photos!

We got back yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon, thanks to Memorial Day beach traffic. (It would have been much sooner otherwise.) I had to unpack and then bake cookies for a bake sale, so I'm just now getting a few minutes to share some pictures with you.

We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves immensely. There were several days that we just sat around in our pajamas all day (something we never do!) reading or listening to Focus on the Family Radio Theatre CDs. That's my idea of vacation!! :)

As you can see by the pictures, our accomodations were top-notch. If you're looking into buying a timeshare, we're extremely pleased with Massanutten Resort. We didn't do many of the activities, but the place is loaded with them. We enjoyed the chair lift rides to the top of the mountain (breath-taking views that I'll share in another post), mini golf, and playing basketball and ping pong at the recreation center. But let me show you our accomodations! (Please disregard the fact that they're in no particular order. The main entrance was by the kitchen/dining/living area.)

The master bedroom - these will soon be upgraded to king-sized beds with pillow-top mattresses.

The other end of the master bedroom that leads into the attached full bath.

I liked the little desk, although I didn't sit at it to write. I preferred the table over by the window because of the view.

This is the kitchen/dining area. There is a buffet server in the corner (you can't see it in the picture), and I was able to unpack all my craft supplies into a drawer so I could craft until dinner, put my supplies away, and then get it all back out afterward if I wanted.

Here's the living room with the gas fireplace. I think they're planning to make these electric fireplaces in the upgrade, too. The balcony beyond the French doors was screened-in, which was perfect for me (the bug hater).

This is the room the kids slept in. I was surprised that they actually slept in these beds most of the night every night, so my husband and I were able to have our entire queen-sized bed to ourselves. It feels a lot bigger without two little kids in bed with us! :)

This is the other side of the kids' room.

And here is the jacuzzi that we thoroughly enjoyed. It turned out to be in its own separate bathroom instead of inside the master bedroom like I was originally thinking. That's okay, though, because it was absolutely perfect! (Disregard my reflection in the mirror.)

I'll post more next week, but I thought I'd let you know we're back!


Chaos Cottage said...

We stayed there during Spring break. There was still skiing going on with the artificial snow maker. Dd loved the water park. We really love vacationing in VA. Dh's paternal family line is all from there. We went to visit Montpelier the day we left. What a beautiful place. Glad you had fun.

Sophia said...

I'll have to file away Montpelier as an idea for the next time we go. We generally like to hit all the thrift shops and do at least one touristy thing while we're on vacation.

We were going to visit the Natural Bridge Zoo, but the kids weren't in the mood for that long of a drive, so we ended up not doing sightseeing this time.

The last time we were here, we visited Luray Caverns, which is not far at all. It was awesome!