Friday, May 1, 2009

Bent and dent specials!

Sorry I don't have any pictures today, but I can't download any right now. I got some great deals at a bent and dent store by my parents, and I just had to share!

  • Four 16 oz bottles of Cetaphil cleanser for $1.99 each (I have to use this since my face is so sensitive.)
  • Multi-vitamins for myself, my husband and my kids - $0.50/bottle (average of 2 months' supply in each)
  • 4 boxes of Airborne - $0.50/bottle (My husband wanted me to buy some of this last week, but I didn't really want to pay $7-8 for it.)
  • Children's Pepto Bismol - $0.50 (Again, I've been wanting to get some since my kids are just as babyish as I am about upset stomachs. At least they have the excuse of almost being babies!)
  • Archway large soft cookies (10 cookies/pack) - $0.25/pack

There were other good deals, but those were the absolute best. I was very pleased with what I got for the money!


Together We Save said...

Wow you found some great deals. I have a blogger award for you. Stop by and pick it up.

Sophia said...

Thanks! Sorry it took me so long. :)