Friday, May 29, 2009

Once-a-month cooking, adapted

I've found myself dragging in the late afternoons lately, and we've resorted to hamburgers or hot dogs more often than I want to think about. It's still home-cooked, but it's certainly not the nutrition I want to live on.

So I decided it was high time to try the once-a-month cooking experiment. As I was searching online for recipes, I came across an article that had a great suggestion. The writer suggested that you focus on one particular meat each night - the meat you're already making for supper. So if I were making chicken for supper, I'd make all the chicken meals for the month, too. That's a lot less formidable, let me tell you!

So yesterday I actually doubled up and did the chicken and ground turkey (what we use in place of ground beef) meals for the month. Today I'm planning to finish the sausage and ham meals, and then I should be pretty well set ... Unless I decide to do some baking, too. You know, my butter rolls go great with the chili I made yesterday. :)

So how long did this take me? In six hours, I managed to get 18 meals into the freezer. Several of the foods were enough for two meals for our family of four, so that helped it go quicker. I was very pleased, and my husband was impressed! And I still had the energy to clean up the kitchen when I was done! :)

Have you ever tried once-a-month cooking?


Susan said...

I've never tried it, but I have made things ahead and put them in the freezer - just not for a whole month at a time. If we're coming into a busy time, like a revival, I will cook up the meat ahead and freeze it along with the components of that meal. For example, for lasagna, I would brown the ground beef, measure out the cheese, and freeze those together. Makes putting it together for the meal much easier! And I love using my bread machine to make dough with the timer feature - dough is ready to shape and bake just when I need it, and I didn't have to bother with all the kneading and rising times.

Esther said...

You wear me out! I really, really, like the idea, but I don't have the energy you do to accomplish it! I do make things ahead for revivals and such, but then we eat a lot different during revival than we do "everyday." I do like the idea of making up dishes in one "meat group," makes it sound easier! Hope it works for you....more time to make cards! (SMILE!)