Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thrift store shopping extravaganza!

Some of our best friends also enjoy thrift shopping, so we took the entire day on Tuesday to go to Virginia Beach and hit all the thrift stores. It took us all day, and we still didn't get to them all! We had a lot of fun, even though my kids were pretty cranky.

I don't have pictures of my husband's "stuff" since he hauled it up to his study before I could take pictures. But I'll show you most of the things we got for me and the kids.

First of all, I got myself two skirts for only $0.99 each:

Then I found two lightweight, summery, yellow shirts that I can wear over my sleeveless shell. The one on the left still had original store tags on it, but I only paid $2.50. The one on the right was only $2:

While my kids were distracted with our friends, I managed to sneak a few toys into my cart. This felt book appears to have all the original pieces. The price on the back said $29.99, but I only paid $0.99. The monkey is an interactive one that retails for anywhere from $20-40. I paid $0.99. And I couldn't pass up the John Deere tin for my son for only $0.55!

Then I got a few things for myself:

A new-in-package 12x12" frame ($3), noise machine for my sister-in-law ($4), some kind of wooden crate that's the perfect size to store my Sizzix dies ($3), a magnetic Barbie fashion case that I'll transform into a regular magnetic paper doll case ($0.49), and 4 packages of ultra-fine glitter ($0.50 each).

Now check out the darling clothes for my daughter!!

This first picture turned out blurry because I had the wrong setting on my camera, but I didn't feel like pulling this all back out again, so you can get the general idea. The pink and black dress was $1.99; the red and black dress was $2.99:

The dress on the left will most likely be what my daughter wears for Mother's Day since it looks quite nice with my dress. Both of these were $2 each:

This is a beautiful Bonnie Jean dress that was only $2.50:

My daughter will have to grow into both of these, but I never pass up dresses/jumpers like this! The one on the left is another brand of the "Little Dollys" dresses, and it was still brand-new with the tags attached and the original bow tied from the store! It was $2.50, and the pink jumper was $3:

These skirts were a little pricier, but still a great deal for what I was getting. The one on the left was $3 and the one on the right was $5:

As you can tell, it was a very profitable day! :)