Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Circular embossing and daisy coaster cards

Since I've been in "use it up" mode the last week, I pulled out some things I've had sitting around for a few months. I made these decorative backgrounds a few months back and set them aside because I didn't have any good ideas for them at the moment.

The circular embossing technique is not original with me. I found the instructions on Becca's blog here. She's a papercrafting genius, and you'll probably droll over her entire blog while you're there! :)

I used the small decorative embossing folders for these. I loved the designs, but I didn't buy any of the folders until I saw Becca's tutorial.

I also used some large Martha Stewart daisy coasters my friend and I found on clearance at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago. They're so big and beautiful that I sat them on my desk to look at them and gain inspiration for awhile. I finally came up with a few ways to use them. These cards are 5.5x5.5".

First of all, I chalked the embossing with green chalk. Then I added iridescent glitter to the inside of the daisy and the outside edges. On this one, I traced the petals of the daisy with a regular pencil to accent them. Then I added a magnet to the back. Using repositionable adhesive, I attached it to the card. This way, I can add a note inside that the daisy can be used as a magnet once the receiver has enjoyed the card.

I used the same basic idea on this card, but obviously a different embossing folder and different color of chalk. I also didn't add glitter to the edges of this daisy, since it was a bit messy. I outlined the petals with yellow colored pencil this time, and I like that better than the regular pencil. Again, I added a magnet to the back of the daisy and attached it with repositonable adhesive.

And here again is the same idea, just using a different embossing folder. I used cotton swabs to apply chalk in two colors to the embossing here. Then I added adhesive rhinestones to the middle of each flower on the embossing.

I really like how these turned out, and I have lots more coasters to work with!


Susan said...

Love these cards!!! Great ideas.

Esther said...

As ALWAYS....beautiful! My brain has been "fried" of late, and I've had no inspirations at all! I think my "weekend" of cardmaking with Lois must have "taken it's toll." That coupled with being busy, busy, busy of late and feeling just bit stressed with Father's Day and campmeeting coming up!