Thursday, June 18, 2009

The combined bedroom

Here is the virtual tour I promised yesterday. This is my kids' newly combined bedroom. Once again, let's start at the closet.

It might look a bit full, but it's so easy to find everything now! I added one of those hanging rods that double your hanging space so that I could have space for both kids' hanging clothes in one closet. (The rod was a $2 flea market special, still in the original sealed box.) We dress up a lot, so my kids have more hanging clothes than most.

On the floor of the closet is a shoe rack that perfectly fits all the shoes my children can currently fit into. Yes, there are a few empty spaces. They were wearing those shoes! :)

On the righthand side of the closet, I've hung the "grow into" dressy outfits that I didn't want to crush into a box. Behind those outfits I hung the pocket-style shoe organizers, one for each child, with shoes for them to grow into. I try to keep a few sizes ahead and buy like-new shoes at thrift stores and yard sales when I get the chance. These keep them organized by size, in the correct order.

Let's take one last peek at the closet before we move on. Do you see that strange-looking hanger at the front of my son's clothes? It's our fancy-shmancy tie hanger! These are all clip-on ties that used to be shoved into a drawer. I never could seem to find the one I wanted quickly, so I asked my husband if he had any ideas for hanging them in the closet. It was his idea to clip them all onto a wire hanger, and I like it! I didn't have to buy anything new, either. :)

Okay, let's take a peek under my daughter's bed. (My son's bed has drawers underneath.)

Did you ever realize that banker's boxes fit perfectly under some beds? I never did! Since we have no attic or basement, I have to get creative in storing clothing that I buy ahead. This was my solution, and it works perfectly. Each box has a different size of clothing, and I was able to fit all of both kids' "grow-intos" under the one bed, with room to spare.

I know some people don't like to store things under their beds, but I couldn't see just wasting this space - or letting it collect miscellaneous toys that get forgotten.

Alright, let's take a look at the main part of the room:

This is what it looks like as you walk into the room. We needed some sort of nightstand for bedtime drinks to rest on, so the desk was the perfect solution. We needed to find a place for it anyway!

And here you can see my daughter's half of the room, which we didn't change much. We only rearranged the pictures.

Here is my son's half, complete with John Deere pictures and curtains. Yes, it looks a little different having a room decorated half-pink and half-green, but it's the best solution for us right now. I'll worry about what the experts think when I have the luxury to do so. :)

You know what? This bedroom looks cozier now, with its two-themed effect, than it did with just my daughter's bed and toys. We all like it better!

Last, but not least, we have the dresser. Since my son's bed has two drawers under it, I was able to fit all of their folding clothes into this one dresser and his two drawers. That freed up the dresser I showed you yesterday in the play room.

We are all enjoying this organization. Just today my kids had a bunch of toys out to play with at once. It was confined mostly to the playroom, but I felt my stress levels rising again. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we were able to put it all away when they were done playing. That's the value of "a place for everything, and everything in its place."