Monday, June 8, 2009

Curious George cards

You knew there would be more cards, right? :) Here are the ones I made with the free online coloring pages of Curious George.

I used Studio G $1 clear stamps for the tiny baseballs (in Versamark) and the sentiment. I made the large baseball myself, which is really easy to do. He looked like he needed a ball with that baseball cap on!

Here I combined a coloring image of George with a Studio G $1 stamp. He looked like he was either thinking about something or admiring something, and when I saw this tower of cupcakes that was exactly his height, I knew it was a perfect match. What do you think he's wishing for - the whole tower of cupcakes? :)

This is my now-favorite 40th birthday card, at least until I turn 40. You see, I have several family members and friends turning 40 over the next little while. I specifically thought of my brother for this card, but I'll have to hang onto it for another 2 years. That's okay, though. It's perfect, and he'll love it. What will I put inside? "Nyah, nyah! You're 40 and I'm not!" :)

This is pretty straightforward. The sentiment is a Studio G stamp and I got the ribbon from the Michaels $1 bin. The eyelets are smashed a bit because I pressed too hard with my Crop a Dile. I need to practice a little bit more with that tool!

This was another easy card. The party hat and sentiment are Studio G stamps. The flower came from a kit my Secret Sister got for me. Easy, but cute!


Esther said...

So cute!!! Your stash of cards must be getting pretty large by now! I think I need to get together with you in hopes that some of your inspiration rubs off on me. I had me a little stash of cards, but they disappear so quickly..... I can't seem to keep my basket full for very long!

Sophia said...

Yes, my stash is getting a little too large. I just might pass some along to you when you come (if you'd like). :) I filled up the box I store my cards in, but I just didn't want to stop.