Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Leap Pad books and cartridges deal!

My kids each have the original Leap Pads and love them, but for the longest time they only had the book and cartridge set that came with them.

If you've ever seen these at thrift stores, you've probably noticed what I have -- that you rarely find a book and cartridge together. My husband and I talked awhile back about how nice it would be to find a whole bunch of them secondhand, with cartridges and books together. Well, wouldn't you know, this week a local homeschooler offered a bunch of Leap Pad books and cartridges to our homeschool online group for $2 a set.

I went to her house today and got 10 complete books and cartridges, a large Leap Pad organizer (holds at least 24 books and cartridges, maybe more, as well as the Leap Pad system), two specialty books with a microphone attachment, and a few "strays" just in case I would run across the matching components at a thrift store. She only charged me $20. I was thrilled, and so were my kids!

I had planned to hold onto them for future gifts, but I forgot how good my son is getting at reading (and spelling). I spelled it out to my husband (literally), and my son immediately guessed what I was going to get. He and my daughter both wanted them right away, so they agreed to split the cost between them. Now at least their hoarded money won't be going for $1 store trinket toys! :)


Esther said...

Looks like you've had good luck at finding deals of late, but then when don't you?!?!? Glad you found what you were looking for.....been missing you and am hoping we can see you all again soon!