Thursday, June 18, 2009

Look what my husband got for free!

My husband and I both enjoyed the basketball courts while we were on vacation, and we talked about saving up some money to buy a hoop for our own house. It's great exercise, and it's fun! We put that on the back burner for awhile, though, because we have bills to finish paying off first.

Needless to say, though, my husband has had an eagle eye for basketball hoops ever since. He noticed this portable basketball hoop lying facedown in the back of the parking lot of a business just down the road from us. Over the course of two weeks, he noticed that it hadn't been moved, so he decided to stop in and see if they wanted to get rid of it, and for how much.

The guy told him a few minor issues it had and then told him he could have it for free if he wanted it. Those minor issues had seriously impacted their enjoyment of the hoop, and they never used it anymore.

Now how is that for God's provisions yet again? I don't think we even thought to pray about a hoop, since we considered it just a "want." And God doesn't provide junk, either. Do you want to know how much this hoop costs brand-new? Humor me a moment and take a guess. Then go here and see for yourself.
Okay, have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet? Yes, you read that right - $600!!! We would never in a million years have been able to afford a hoop this nice. Never. Probably not even used. But God provided it for FREE!

So what are the minor issues? Let me see if I can get this right ... The base is supposed to be able to be weighted with sand or something, but there's a hole in it, so the sand runs out. As you can see, two concrete blocks work just fine to hold it in place! It also has a few cosmetic dings on the backboard, but nothing to prevent anyone from playing a game of basketball with it.

I don't know if you can see it or not, but it's adjustable. I think that might be one of the features that makes it so expensive. It can be adjusted to a child's height, or it can go to its full adult height. It's really easy to adjust, too - you just pull up or down on the lever in the back.

I didn't find out how much this was worth until my husband already went to bed, so you can imagine I have news for him tomorrow morning! :)


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog, and you've just encouraged me to remember to Trust in the Lord.