Friday, June 5, 2009

More cards - Precious Moments

There's a story behind these cards. My husband always looks through the kids' books when we go to thrift stores, and he picked up a book of prayers for children with Precious Moments illustrations.

When he brought it home and showed it to me, I pointed out the BIG word "Catholic" on the front cover. No offense to any Catholics, but we're Protestants. In fact, my husband is a preacher. :) So he gave the book to me to use for the illustrations.

That was probably a year ago. I've been hanging onto these images, just waiting for inspiration to strike. After doing over 50 Mary Engelbreit cards yesterday, I decided to try my hand at a few of these.

It was a little interesting at first because Mary E's images needed no embellishments at all. They are "busy" and full of vibrant colors. Precious Moments, on the other hand, are pastels and need at least a little something in the way of embellishments to accent them. It took me a little bit to adjust my thinking, but then I got on a roll. So here they are, in no particular order ...

(Card size: 4.25 x 5.5") The little girl's sand castle has "Our Home" written above the door. Since we live near the ocean, I thought this would be cute to use as a "Welcome to Our Home" card for overnight guests. To make the sand sparkle, I used some iridescent glitter that I've had for years. The sentiment is a Studio G stamp that usually says, "Welcome Little One." My friend gave me the idea of using just part of a sentiment, so I was able to stamp just "Welcome" on this card.

(Card size: 4.25 x 5.5") This is one of my first times using this wonderful heart-themed set of dies for my Cuttlebug. I forget the name of them, but Michaels was clearancing them a few months back. I wanted them anyway, so I snatched them up at $10 for two long dies. The heart charm is from Dollar Tree (6 or 8 to a pack/$1). I colored in the pink parts of the charm with my BIC Mark-Its. Lastly, the rhinestones are also Dollar Tree specials. I love that store! :)

(Card size: 5 x 7") This was actually the first card I worked on today, and I like it the least. But it's still usable, so I'm keeping it! The corner stamp is Studio G, the fiber came in a kit from my Secret Sister, the white flower came from a lei garland that fell apart (I got it at the thrift store for $0.25), and the button is just from my button box of extras. I colored in the orange Prima with my BIC Mark-Its; it was originally white.

(Card size: 5 x 7") I was having fun with glitter - can you tell? I added iridescent glitter to the halo and angel's wings and then dusted the corner embellishments with glitter, too, since a little of the Xyron adhesive was sticking out. The sentiment is from Blue Ridge Impressions.

(Card size: 4.25 x 5.5") This is my first card using one of the crocheted flowers I've been making over the last few days. I've been making them white since it's so easy to run my BIC Mark-Its along the edges to add color. The butterfly and sentiment are Studio G stamps. I added iridescent glitter to the butterfly. In the original image, the boy was staring at a patch of seeds he had just planted. He looked like he was thinking, so I decided to cover up that part of the image and just use him.

(Card size: 5 x 7") This is pretty washed out for color, but I took these pictures late at night. This one is pretty basic. I colored the purple flower with my BIC Mark-Its. The white flower was also from the flower lei. The charm is another from Dollar Tree; this time I colored parts with a purple BIC Mark-It.

(Card size: 5 x 7") I was originally going to make this a birthday card, since that's usually what I think of when I see clowns. But then I saw the teardrops coming from the mask, and I decided it had to be a "Missing You" card. I added iridescent glitter to highlight the tears. The corners are Cuttlebug dies, as is the slider. The sentiment is from Studio G, and the ribbon was from the Michaels value ribbon bin (20 yards/$1).

(Card size: 5 x 7") I'm still not sure if anyone else will get the significance of the "Miss You" sentiment on this one. I chose it because the little girl completely missed her intended target - her mouth. I added iridescent glitter to accent the water. The slider is a Cuttlebug die, and the ribbon is from the Michaels value ribbon bin (20 yards/$1).

(Card size: 5 x 7") This is intended to be a "get well" kind of card. It was very simple to do. The corners and the sentiment are Studio G stamps. I colored the brads with my BIC Mark-Its to make them match the card.

(Card size: 5 x 7") The color is a little "off" on this one, too. The green is not as dark as it appears on the screen. I didn't do much to this card, either. The sentiment is from Studio G. I used my Marvy punch to make the flower and added a decorative brad from a kit my Heart Sister gave me.

I had fun! I'll have more cards to share tomorrow.