Monday, July 6, 2009

An awesome deal at Michaels!

I had read about this deal over on Splitcoaststampers, but I really didn't think I was going to find it at my Michaels.

It seems that Michaels is trying to get rid of certain Sizzix items, even if it means they have to practically give them away! They are clearancing ALL of the Sizzix Sizzlits alphabet sets for $9.97 each. Yes, you read that right - a few pennies shy of ten dollars! I have paid $15 each for two of these same sets used, and I considered that a good price.

These are the same sets that have been on clearance for $69.99 now for months. The ones that were $149.99 regular price. They are complete alphabets: uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation. Most of them are close to 1" tall, which is perfect for scrapbooking and some cardmaking.

If you go, don't just look at the packaging. Make sure you find a sign somewhere that tells you they're going for $9.97. As you can see, the box was still marked with the $69.99 price tag, but they rang up at $9.97.

My store still had gobs of them tonight, but I wasn't taking any chances. I probably spent a half hour looking over each package, deciding what I would really use. I ended up with two of them for myself and one for a friend:

I bought Endless Love and Alpha Bubbles. I can't wait to use them! :)

Just a heads-up on some other items, too. My Michaels store was pretty cleaned out of the aisle of K & Company scrapbooking items, but you might get lucky and they might have more. There was an entire aisle of K & Company scrapbooks, papers and embellishments at rock-bottom prices. The embellishments weren't the steal that the albums and papers were, though. There were $29.99 albums for $4.99 (12x12" size, no less). There were also $14.99 paper pads for $4.99.

Let me know if you find any good deals! :)


Susan said...

Oh, boy! I'm taking my daughter down to Seattle to fly to her grandparents' on Wednesday, and I know exactly where TWO Michaels stores are along the way! I love K & Co papers - my best-selling cards have been with their papers - so I hope I can find some. And I will see what they have in those Sizzix dies; I've wanted an alphabet but couldn't afford one.

Sophia said...


I've heard reports of these in Canada, too (I think they were $14.99). So if you have a store near you, definitely check!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunatley there is no Micheals close to me (it's an hour and a half south) actually it is a good thing because I would have bought them all! Have fun with your new dies, I'm sure you will get a lot of use from them and they are nice because you can let the kids use them because they aren't too sharp and a sizzix is pretty east to use (and they can't break them!)

Esther said...

Can't wait to get mine!

Susan said...

I went and checked my closest Michaels today, and they were definitely not $14.99! They were originally $199, marked down to $89, and that's it. There is one other store in the next town over. I may try it if I don't find anything in Tacoma tomorrow. Thanks!

Susan said...

I scored!!!! I got two alpha die sets for $20!!!! I am so pumped up - I LOVE a good deal. Thanks so much for mentioning it!

Sophia said...


I'm so glad you found some! If you hadn't, I was going to offer to pick some up for you and mail them. :) I know how frustrating it can be to hear about an unbelievable deal and then not be able to find it at your stores!

Sue D said...

Thanks so much for telling us about this. I was able to pick up several alpha sets and also a 97cent sizzix embosslit die of a gift package. I had never tried embosslits before--it cuts and embosses at one time.