Monday, July 6, 2009

A few cards I forgot to share

I've had these cards made for a few weeks already. I thought I had posted them here, but I checked and discovered that I hadn't. Since I always like to pass along frugal ideas, especially for expensive hobbies like cardmaking, I figured I'd show you some more cards made with some online freebies. :)
I love this buggy! You can find it here. Browse through the whole site because there are lots of cute ones there!

This one was a free coloring page from the talented Elizabeth O. Dulemba, the children's author/illustrator. Check out her books here. You can find many of her free coloring pages under "Freebies". She's generously offering the use of her coloring pages for cards (personal use only), so long as we credit her for the images. After all, as she pointed out, she's in the business of selling children's books, not digistamps. The best way to support her is to buy her children's books. :)

This is another of Elizabeth O. Dulemba's free coloring pages. (See the link above.) I strung the plastic beads along a piece of embroidery floss (taped on the back). They hang freely to give some interesting motion to the card.

This is another image from Arthur's Clip Art Site here. I added some lines to indicate siding and windowpanes, since the house is a bit plain without it. This is one of the crocheted flowers I made a few weeks ago and a charm from Dollar Tree to decorate the middle.

And lastly, this is also from Arthur's Site here. I added the glitter to mimic the mother of pearl effect on the inside of the seashell. This is also a Mojo Monday sketch, #69. The blue seashells are plastic beads I picked up from Michaels' $1 section when they were clearancing them for $0.50/pack.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, the first to comment! I LOVE these cards esp the seashell one, very clever and frugal too! I love Elizabeth's designs, isn't she a sweetie! These cards are really wonderful and well colored too, love them!

Esther said...

Beautiful as always.....esp love the fact that they cost so very little! I always enjoy finding card ideas to copy that I don't have to go buy something to do it with!

Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

What beautiful cards! You've inspired me to sit down and make some myself this week.