Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Flattening aluminum cans for die cutting!

You know I love to save money, and some of that includes recycling. I'm no environmentalist, and I certainly don't worship nature, but a certain amount of recycling just makes sense.

So you know I love using aluminum soda cans to make embellishments with my Cuttlebug, right? Well, I quit collecting them after I realized what a pain it was to store those rolled-up pieces of sharp metal, not to mention how hard it was to get them to stay in place on my die. But my husband has been hanging onto about 30 cans, just waiting to get them to the recycling center, so I decided I'd better do some recycling of my own before they decompose right in my utility room. :) And wouldn't you know, I just found out there is a way to uncurl those cans so you can store them flat!

Check out the video tutorial here on how to flatten them out in to time! He also shows a card and scrapbook project made with some of the soda can metal.

I was afraid it might transfer some of the ink from the can onto my iron, so I used my spare one just in case. But it didn't! I did notice a tiny amount of color on my towel afterward (where the edges of the cans rested), so try using a dark towel so it won't matter. I ironed about 30 of them, so if you're only doing one or two it might not be an issue at all.

Of course, I'll probably have our next evangelist use my iron and it will transfer "Diet Coke" onto his best white shirt just to prove me wrong! :)


Esther said...

You find EVERYTHING! (....and the rest of us benefit from your finds!)


We got a few things in common.
1. I'm a pastor's wife
2. I love recycling
Wish to share our kind of recycle store.
Not willing to sell... but willing to share

Sophia said...


I never thought to look at the front of the cans for decorations, and I never thought to make magnets or ornaments with them. Those are some cute ideas! :)

Ducky said...

I may be 3 years late to this conversation, but I figured I should share this here :P
You can flatten like 5-6 cans at once using a sandwich maker. I've written a full guide to doing it here: http://blog.duklabs.com/?p=205

Basically: 5-6 cans, flat in the sandwich maker with baking paper either side to protect your sandwich maker. Leave it in for about 10 minutes or so, turn it off and let it cool for 10-15minutes or so.
Then taadaa! Perfectly flat cans!

Christa said...

That looks like it would make things a lot easier. Thanks so much for sharing!