Friday, July 3, 2009

My new stamp "shelves"!

I've been trying to find a good way to organize my wood-mounted rubber stamps for awhile now. I considered unmounting them all, but I wasn't quite ready to take that plunge. What I really wanted was a way to display my rubber stamps like the stores do it - on shelves so you can easily see what's there (and easily reach it).

I had made a temporary shelving unit out of a lid of copy paper, but since I've found some great deals on stamps, and had some given to me, I've outgrown that little unit.

Then I ran across this idea on Splitcoaststampers. I had read about it months ago, but the time wasn't right. Now it is, but I have no idea who to credit for this wonderful idea.

All I did was buy 8 feet of moulding from Lowes for around $3. I had them cut it into 2-foot lengths for me, since I was working with a smaller amount of space (and stamps). Then I just used three nails on each strip, and they were done! Seriously, this is one of the easiest DIY projects ever.

And here's a (blurry) closeup of the stamps resting on the ledge it creates. I put them next to my bookcases, so that's what you see poking into the picture near the bottom.

If you do this, you might want to pay attention to the width of the moulding you're buying. Mine (11/16") was a tad too small to fit the clamshell boxes from the Stampin Up complete sets. That's okay, though, because I think I prefer having those stacked on a shelf instead.

I really like my new storage, and my husband was really impressed that I was able to do it myself! :)


Esther said...

I've been wanting to organize my stamps on shelves for some time now! As you know I have quite a few! Like your idea....all except the nails in the wall. I have an idea for a shelf unit, but it will take a bit of time and effort on my part to get it done!
By the way, your "shelves" turned out very nice and fit your needs perfectly!

~Cindy~ said...

hmmm I like it but, I am not a good person about cleaning my stamps so I can picture ink all over my walls

Sophia said...


I thought of that, too, but I just make sure to clean and dry them before I put them back. So far, so good! :)