Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some grocery deals today!

I finally got out to do some grocery and coupon deals today! First, let me show you what I got at Food Lion for $16.16:

5 packs (15 wipes each) Kids' Sani-Hands anti-bacterial wipes - FREE after sale and coupons
2 bars Kraft pepper jack cheese - $1.17 each after sale and catalina deal
3 bags Kraft mozzarella cheese - $1.17 each after sale and catalina deal
Food Lion Magic Stars cereal - $0.79 after sale and store coupon
Duncan Hines Devil's Food cake mix - $0.49 after store coupon
2 bottles Ken's Italian salad dressings - $0.50 each after sale and store coupon
Home 360 clear plastic wrap - $0.97 after sale and store coupon
Food Lion potato chips (11 ozs) - $1.00 after sale and store coupon
The Encyclopedia of Scrapbooking Techniques - $3.50 on clearance
Epsom salts - $0.19 after store coupon

Then I got all of this at Wal-Mart for $11.22:

4 boxes Capri Sun Sunrise drinks (10/pack) - $0.97 after coupons
PediaSure multipack - FREE after mail-in rebate
A1 steak sauce - $0.98 after coupon
crescent rolls - $1.58 (not a great deal, but on the menu)
3 boxes Cheesy Nacho Hamburger Helper - $0.75 each after coupon
waxed paper - $1.18 (again, not a great deal, but we needed it)
3 Johnson's Buddies soaps - FREE after coupon
Cascade rinse aid - FREE after coupon

All in all, I considered it a good trip. I don't always get some of these things. For example, my kids love the Capri Sun drinks, but I don't buy them unless they're really cheap. This made them $0.10 each drink, so that wasn't too bad.


Mother said...

Hey, great deals! You could earn an income for shopping for some people who don't watch the deals or coupons.

By the way, were the Cheese Nips in the $11.22 deal?

Sophia said...

Thanks for spotting that! Yes, those Cheese Nips were in there. They're in the $1 aisle at my Wal-Mart. I was pretty surprised! :)

(Boy, don't I wish I could make money shopping for people ...)