Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Good deals for this week!

  • I did the bulk of my shopping for the week today since there were so many good deals that were going to "expire" the beginning of this week. Most of the drugstore and grocery deals are gone by the time Monday evening rolls around, so I've learned to go early on Mondays if there are good deals to be had. And then sometimes they're gone before Monday morning, but we don't shop on Sundays! Today was a profitable trip! Look what I got for $28.65:

And here's the breakdown, in case you're interested ...

Rite Aid
  • GE Long Life light bulbs (2-pk) - FREE after SCR
  • EZ Start Duck tape - FREE after SCR
  • Wisp flameless candle (French vanilla scent) - $0.49 after 75% clearance and SCR
  • Wart Remover - FREE after SCR
  • Crest Pro-Health Whitening toothpaste - FREE after SCR
  • Natrol Probiotic capsules - $3.00 profit after coupon and SCR
  • 2 mini sewing kits - $0.44 on 75% clearance
  • Zantac 150 tablets (8 ct) - $5.00 profit after SCR and separate manufacturer's rebate
  • Renu MultiPlus contact lens solution (two 8 ozs bottles) - FREE after SCR
Additionally, I had a $5/25 coupon, so I made out well at Rite Aid!!

  • 12-pk Mug Root Beer cans - $1.65 average after sale and coupons
  • 12-pk Pepsi cans - $1.65 average after sale and coupons
  • 12-pk Wild Cherry Pepsi cans - $1.65 average after sale and coupons
  • 12-pk Dr. Pepper cans - $1.65 average after sale and coupons

  • stool for my daughter (not pictured) - $0.99
  • 3 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (2/pk) - $0.17 each after sale, coupons and Bonus Bucks
  • 3 Dawn Direct Foam dish soaps - $0.67 each after sale, coupons and Bonus Bucks
  • 3 Dawn Simple Pleasures - $0.17 each after sale, coupons and Bonus Bucks
  • 3 Dawn Plus Hand Renewal - $0.67 each after sale, coupons and Bonus Bucks

  • Disney Princess plate - $0.49 on clearance (for a gift)
  • Disney Princess playground ball - $1.74 on clearance (for a gift)
  • 3 flexible rulers - $0.29 each
  • 3 mini legal pads - $0.19 each
  • Vitamin shampoo - FREE after Register Rewards (This stuff smells good enough to eat!!)

Staples (between my husband and I)
  • 10 pkgs notebook paper - $0.01 each
  • 4 pkgs Delta Elite gel pens (my husband's favorite pen) - $1.00 each


  • Cocoa Krispies - FREE after coupon (from Vocalpoint mailer)
  • 3 Cheesy Hash Browns Hamburger Helper - $0.75 each after coupon
  • 2 Arm & Hammer baking sodas - $0.04 each after coupon
  • 3 Musketeers bar (not shown) - FREE after coupon
  • 5 lbs sugar - $4.58
  • bananas - $2.18
  • lettuce - $1.00
  • Blue Bonnet spreadable margarine - $2.46
  • A1 steak sauce - $0.98 after coupon
  • 1 lb taco-seasoned ground turkey - $1.00

Then I had a 50% coupon for Michaels (the only kind I use any more) and decided to stop in to see if they had lots more clear stamps like I've heard reports in other stores. Sure enough, they had so many I was like a kid in a candy store! I limited myself to one set, though. Check it out:

The clear stamps are by Inkadinkadoo, simply called Horses. They were regular $9.99, and my coupon made them just $4.99 plus tax.

I got the two bags of larger pearly beads at Rite Aid in their $1 bins. I stumbled upon them quite by accident, and I was thrilled to find them. There are almost 200 in each bag (give or take 5), and these same beads were 20/$1 even at Dollar Tree! The pearly effect is my favorite for my hat pins I use on cards.

So there you have it, another great week of deals, and still on budget!