Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ladybug mini file folder card set

An elderly lady from church gave me some craft punches a few weeks ago, and I wanted to make her a set of notecards. Since she loves ladybugs, I came up with this idea using those cute mini file folders from Dollar Tree (which I trimmed a little bit to fit into standard envelopes):

The inside is just blank, but I traced lines since it's hard for her to write without them. I think she'll like these, especially since they have her name AND ladybugs on them. And I even used one of the border punches she gave me! :)

My friend recently highlighted this packaging idea on her blog, and I loved it! So I decided to use it for this card set. Most people use 6x6" page protectors, but this project had 8 cards and 8 envelopes, so I had to use a larger 8x8" page protector.

See that gingham "button"? It's one of those fake buttons I made. Isn't it cute? :)


Esther said...

How darling!! I NEED some of those folders now! I always talk myself out of things till I see what you've made with them! Oh, well they were only a $1 right?

Sophia said...

Yes, they were $1 for 25. The last time I was in Dollar Tree, they still had plenty left. (They're in the office supplies section by the regular 3x5" cards and recipe cards.) I only bought the red gingham and black/white dots, but there was blue gingham, red dots, and I think another one that I'm not remembering right now.