Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More clothes!

Remember those bags and bags of clothing that were given to us? I've been going through them the last few nights. I think I'm about halfway through, and I have something like two BIG garbage bags full of clothing in my parents' sizes!

One bag I opened yielded about 10 pairs of pants in Dad's size, as well as 3 tops for Mom ... and that's just one bag.

I think I'm getting to the kids' clothing now. I've already put aside several shirts for my son.

When I'm done, I just might post a picture of how much came out of this. I think I have five large garbage bags to donate to my favorite local thrift store. (Those are the clothes that we won't use and the missionaries we send to can't use.) I probably have another five large garbage bags to send to missionaries. I just can't get over how much stuff is there!