Friday, August 28, 2009

Some birthday finds!

My mom and I went out to eat yesterday for my birthday (everyone else was busy), and we stopped off at Dollar Tree and Tuesday Morning while we were out. I thought I'd share some finds that made me happy:

First of all, I found the equivalent of a Magic Eraser mop head at Dollar Tree. [NOTE: Magic Erasers are made out of melamine foam - no chemicals whatsoever.] The mop head was $1 and the mop it fits on was $1, so I paid $2 for a mop to make washing down my walls easier. Even if it only lasts for one time, I'll be happy to have paid only $2 for it. :)

I also found some new wall stickers at Dollar Tree, and I picked up three of my favorites. Aren't they awesome? I've already put two other sayings on my craft room walls, and I'm debating which room these will go into.

Then I found adhesive at Tuesday Morning. It's similar to Terrifically Tacky Tape, but not quite as strong. However, I'm thrilled with it. It's as strong as I need it to be, and I was able to buy 5 packs of it (the equivalent of 10 packs of TTT) for the price of one pack of Terrifically Tacky Tape.

On another note, my parents just left and now I need to think about getting the guest room converted into our school room for homeschooling to start next week.