Saturday, August 1, 2009

Some good deals

Sorry for the week's absence! As you may have guessed, I never intended to have an entire week without posting. We visited family and took in our conference's main church camp, though, so I do have an excuse (er, reason).

We had a good time visiting family and attending camp this year. Last year was extremely stressful since my son broke his arm and my husband and son got some sort of intestinal flu the entire week of camp meeting. This year, our kids are older and easier to entertain (especially with a bunch of cousins around), and we were able to get into almost all of the services. It was so nice, especially since they just air conditioned the tabernacle this year!

Anyway, while we were away, I was planning to show you how Cousin Camp went. But I got too busy getting ready to go, and my posts weren't lined up in time. So maybe next week I'll try to share those details.

For today, let me share some of last week's good deals with you ... We live in the land of one "bent and dent" store that has been steadily raising prices, so I'm always thrilled to get to go to the stores by my parents. This first store is called Surplus Outlet, and I was extremely pleased with the deals!

  • 8 Breakfast Breaks cereal packs (cereal cup, milk carton, graham crackers) - $0.25 each (I wouldn't usually buy these, but since we were headed to camp and my kids aren't morning people, they came in handy!)
  • 4 bags Nestle Toll House chocolate chips - $0.99 each
  • 2 bags M&M's - $1.69 each
  • reusable coffee filter for our larger pot - $0.99
  • 3 boxes CoCo Wheats - $0.99 each
  • Ziploc bags - $1.79/package (cheaper per bag than $1 Tree version)
  • 500 Dixie paper napkins - $1.69
  • 6 bottles Kraft salad dressing (16 ozs each) - $0.20 each
  • 4 bottles WishBone Bountifuls dressing - $0.25 each (These are awesome in pasta salad!)
  • 4 boxes Viactiv calcium chews (3 of them were 60 chews, 1 was 90) - $0.50 each
  • Viactiv Flavor Glides calcium - $0.50
  • 3 bottles children's vitamins - $0.50 each (2 of them were Flinstones, 1 was gummy worms)
  • nail solution for my ugly feet - $1.99 :)
  • 16 ozs Rite Aid brand of Cetaphil - $1.99
  • 2 8-packs of BIC Mark-Its in the colors I use most - $0.99 each
  • 2 pkgs (10 tortillas each) large flour tortillas - $0.50 each

Then I went to Wenger's, another "bent and dent" store close to our church camp and got this:

  • 2 packages Pillsbury Best Bread Flour - $1.29 each
  • 2 boxes Food Lion graham crackers - $1.49 each
  • Heinz mustard - $0.34
  • 2 boxes (32 count) Always Infinity pads - $1.79 each
  • 2 primary-ruled composition books to use in homeschooling - $0.50 each
  • cocoa powder - $4.50 or so
  • active dry yeast - around $10.00 (This should be enough to last me through Christmas, since I make all of our bread.)

On the way back home, we stopped in at a Goodwill to stretch our legs halfway. It was just as well since we avoided a traffic jam and got some good deals in the process.

  • large IKEA abacus in excellent condition - $3.00
  • Wilton Numbers Set cake pans, brand-new in packaging - $2.00 (I saw that a used set went for $36 + shipping on eBay recently!)
  • ImaginIff board game (complete) - $3.00
  • lots of great books, mostly 3/$1 (including those "compendium" children's books on the right)

What's even better yet is that we stayed on budget and had a blast! :)


Esther said...

Are you sure you didn't go to shop? (smile) Glad you found an Abacus (and for a good price too!). Welcome Home!

Sophia said...

Actually, we did plan to shop while we were there, so I guess it WAS one of our objectives, although my husband might not agree! I did manage to stay out of the stamp store, though, so I showed some restraint. ;)

On the way up, we also stopped at a great thrift store on their 1/2 price clothing day. We managed to find quite a few of the items we were needing!

All in all, I got to stock up on a lot of the things I was getting low on.