Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby gift name frame

Here's another name frame I made, this time for a baby gift. I hardly ever get to go to bridal showers or baby showers around here since we have a mostly elderly congregation. However, since I'll be going to the bridal shower tomorrow (an hour away), I'll get to see a new mother whose baby shower I didn't get to attend last month. I wanted to make her something, so I made a name frame to accompany a gift of sleepers for the baby.

I looked over several name frames at Splicoaststampers for some inspiration, and I even printed a few ideas. But as it turned out, I got inspired by one element from one of them, and mine took off in a completely different direction. That's okay, though. I liked it!

First of all, I looked up the baby's name and its meaning online. The first meaning I came to was probably my favorite, "God's disciple." It suited this family perfectly, so I went with it.

I used my Sizzix doll dress die to cut enough dresses to spell out the baby's name. I used an alphabet stamp set to spell out the name on the dresses. Then I used some adorable mini wire hangers to "hang" them on the "clothes rod." (I got the hangers from my friend.) I had originally thought of a clothesline, but the hangers were too cute to pass up!

I used a Martha Stewart lace punch to mimic molding, and then I used my Endless Love Sizzix alphabet to spell out the meaning of her name.

This was another thrift store frame, but this was still new in the packaging when I got it for $0.25. I love thrift stores! :)


Esther said...

Oh Christa, I really like these name frames! Love, love, love the way you did the little dresses across the top! (That alone would be a reason why I would buy that die cut!) So sweet! Great job!

jemilyea said...

Lovely way to use the hangers! I had forgotten about them. Would you consider showing a close-up picture of the dresses sometime?

Sophia said...

Oh boy, I just gave it away tonight. :) I'll see if I can get a good closeup from the pictures I have, okay? I'm glad you all liked it!

Sue D said...

I just bought the dress die on clearance at Joanns to play paper dolls with my granddaughter. This is a wonderful use for the dresses. I will have to remember this next girl baby shower although I also bought the overall die so that might be cute for a baby boy! Thanks for the great idea!