Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day of first grade!

Well, the first day of first grade was a success ... and fast! We were finished in about an hour. Of course, there is no seatwork and no reading class the first week, so that explains why it went so fast. That, and the fact that it's all review for the first little bit anyway.

My little man seemed so big doing these "little kid" activities. He's great with coloring, can count way past the "5" we did today, and had no problem with the "thinking cap" activity in math class (even though we've never done it before).

It's always nice when they ease kids into learning. That way, they don't get overwhelmed and give up.

I can't wait to get our Pizza Hut Book It program materials. I expect it to be a huge hit at our house!

One more thing before I forget ... We're planning for my husband to take my son to Home Depot's kids' class this Saturday. They're making a bean bag toss game. I've heard rave reviews about them, and you certainly can't argue with free! He's really excited about getting to work with "real" tools and make something. I'll let you know how it goes. And if it goes well, we'll try Lowe's free kids' classes later in the month.


Susan said...

Praise the Lord for a great first day of school! In those early days it doesn't take long to "do school." That's part of what I've enjoyed about homeschooling: you do what you need to do, then you're done!

The kids' classes at Home Depot and Lowe's sound great. Your boy will love making things with real tools!

Esther said...

Congratulations to Ryan on 1 day down and ?? more to go!
Glad your first day went well. Looking forward to seeing you all next week!

Kristen Bieber said...

Isn't the first day so exciting! How are you participating in the book-it program. Could you share how you signed up? Thanks

Sophia said...


There was a website where I signed up for the Book It program earlier in the summer, and I think there was a deadline to be included for this year. If I get any better details when the information arrives, I'll be sure to post it.


Sorry we missed you today. I hope your migraine went away. We're looking forward to next week, too!