Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Things Come in Small Packages 1

I've been having a blast with my Nestabilities, in case you can't tell! :) I made this little box and absolutely LOVE how it turned out. This is very sturdy and a nice size for gifts of appreciation (i.e. it won't break the bank to fill it).

As I was making it, I thought it was about the size of a box of Dove soap. After I finished it, I brought up a bar of soap and it fit perfectly. That was a good estimate!

I took a picture of it with the soap box inside, just so you can get an idea of the size of it.

I followed the instructions here, but I used my second-largest Nestability instead of the Top Note die. And since I used my Nesties instead, I had to cut the cardboard and paper layers before I put them together, since they are too thick afterward. I also eliminated the ribbon since the design in mine runs a different direction.


shauna said...

This box is so cute and looks like it would be perfect for a few special chocolates, such as Lindts truffles.